Shit-Posting License


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Buy an official WTFF shit-posting license so you can safely talk shit online.

Do you like to shit-post on our Facebook page? Now do it in style with our official shit-posting license… You still can’t say anything illegal (death threats, illegal photos, etc.) but we will tolerate a little more trolling if you’re licensed.

For full transparency, all sarcasm aside, this is simply a donation feature. Running WTF Florida costs money. Our journalists work for free to bring you weird Florida news and culture. This donation will help keep our expensive web servers running, and help buy our team coffee.

We love y’all, and hope the site brings you laughter and happiness. Sorry if we pissed you off or talked shit. It’s all for fun. Now please give us money, we’re kinda broke.

You can buy several of these if you want to donate more money, just change the quantity. Keep in mind each item quantity will add five dollars at at time. Please note, there are no returns on this item, unless the situation is really serious (like a stolen card, or if you made a mistake). Payments are handled through Stripe, so there’s no funny business. We never actually see your credit card numbers, and the encrypted transaction take place on a secure server (see the little lock icon in the address bar? That means we have a valid SSL certificate).  Contact us if you have any questions.