Premium WTFF Sponsor – 1,000 Advertising Impressions


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Featured at the top of every page, this premium ad spot gets displayed prominently on Reservations may be purchased on our site and will be published once approved. (*Ad inspection process below)

You can choose local traffic based on geographical location, or site-wide runs. Ads will be delivered within a month by default, or sooner if you have time-sensitive material like concerts or events (just let us know what you prefer). It may take longer to deliver, depending on availability, especially if you choose to target a small geographical area.

You must provide your own artwork. 85% of our traffic is on mobile phones, so at the bare minimum you need to provide us a 234 x 60 pixel image at 144 dpi (newer mobile devices have a double pixel count, so in other words, send a 468 x 120 image at 72 dpi, and it will look nice at 234 x 60 on advanced mobile devices).

Please also send a 728 x 90 version for desktop traffic. Your 1,000 impressions will achieved through the combined counts of both versions. You can send up to 3 creatives for each ad size (desktop and mobile). You must provide a hyperlink with each and clearly define which images match up to which hyperlink (URL, website address).

Ad Formats:

PNG, JPG, or animated GIF

Ad Sizes (width x height in pixels, RGB):

Mobile: 234 x 60 (144 dpi) or 468 x 120 (72 dpi)

Desktop: 728 x 90 (72 dpi)



234 px wide X 60 px tall


728 px wide X 90 px tall

Ad Positions:

The mobile will display on the header of each page. The desktop ad will display on the header and footer of each page. Sensitive information may trigger our pages to be completely ad free. In those rare cases your ad will not be displayed.


We ARE Florida. Most of our traffic is right here in the Sunshine State. The majority of our people are home-owners with a good income. Lots of Florida traffic means that we are the best choice for adverting local events such as concerts, gatherings, restaurant specials, and events. We get about 60,000 page views every month, 95% in the United States, with well over two-thirds of that traffic right here in the Sunshine State.

Ad Buying Process:

You MUST provide a real email address that you have access to. We will email you to verify your purchase, and you must reply with the ad creatives (images and URLs). It may take 2-3 business days or more to start running your ad. We will try to get your ad posted ASAP, but this is Florida… things can get crazy. The sooner you send us the deliverables, the sooner it will be posted.


You must send us the images and hyperlinks (up to 6 pairs total, 3 mobile and 3 desktop). If the hyperlinks are different for each creative, please specify exactly which ones correspond.

Send your ads to before purchasing to speed things up, if you’d like. You may also send them after purchasing, just reference the order number and be sure to use the same email address you put on the order sheet.


You will receive a report on how many clicks your ad received once the campaign has finished.


You can buy multiple copies of this ad to increase impressions. Just change the quantity to whatever you want, for example, if you want 5,000 impressions in a campaign, just buy 5 of this product. If we are sold out of ad spots, you can still place a backorder, and your ad will start running as soon as possible.


*Ad inspection process: Please note that your ad will be inspected for quality before posting to our site. We will not accept pornographic, inappropriate, or low quality material. Spam and click-bait ads not tolerated. We have the right to refuse any ad for any reason. Your credit card will be charged within a few days of purchasing an ad. If we decide to not run your ad for any reason, we will issue a full refund to your card. You can email us and try to figure out why your ad was denied, perhaps it was just a misunderstanding. Ads may also be denied if there is not enough available inventory in the projected impressions of our site’s pages. If you need to advertise a larger run, or have special requirements, please contact us directly.

You must agree to these terms before buying. No returns will be made on ad campaigns that have started. We only deliver the ads, and don’t guarantee any business results. All that we do guarantee is that your ad will be displayed 1,000 times by well-qualified traffic.  We scan our site for robots and block them from messing up our count, so you can be sure all 1,000 views are legit.


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